The Pursuit of (My) Dreams: PART 1

Great stuff. So similar to our own journey.

Live Fit. Live Healthy. Live Free.

At the beginning of this year, our pastor said that this was a year to not settle; to take the things that have been in our heart and to declare them, to pursue them without fear or hesitation. He said to even say to the person next to you, that this was your year and that you will pursue ____ by the end of 2014. I’m writing this 2 part story to explain how I’ve arrived here and where I’m going. I’m declaring it out loud, I’m not shying away, and I’m believing that I can and that I will! And I want YOU to be a part of it with me!


A little background for you:

From the time I was old enough to be active–I was. If I wasn’t freaking my mom out by riding my bike for HOURS and into dusk, I was in gymnastics…

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